Thursday, September 27, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Will Terry

Will Terry is a children's book illustrator and author, and has a fantastic understanding of colour, value and composition. He currently teaches classes at BYU and UVU, as well as online courses at .

'Ent' by Will Terry. Mixed media

Will has invaluable information and experience in the business side of the art world, and has been published on various outlets. He also self publishes online and is currently working on apps for digital tablets.

'Party Cow'

I am taking my first class from Will this semester, but before that, he has given me comments on how to improve my own works, and it has been extremely helpful. If you are in the Utah Valley area, he will be giving a lecture at Utah Valley University tonight at 7:30 pm. I recommend all aspiring and current illustrators alike to attend.


All works displayed are done by Will Terry. For more information, contact him at You can also find him on Facebook or through his website or blog

 Do yourself a favour and check him out! Don't end up like this guy!