Saturday, May 7, 2011

A blast from the past

I was painting the basement of my parent's house today and stumbled across these ol' paintings. I did them when I was working at the Wynnsong Theater in 1999, which means I was still a teenager. The only thing I took notice of in Episode 1 was Darth Maul. Figures he was designed by the great Iain McCaig

And then this one a bit later. I remember being okay with VHS quality at the time. My little box set came with a concept art booklet, with lot's of McCaig's drawings. I loved it so much but someone noticed it and mentioned how cool they thought it was. I think you can figure out what happened next :(

Maybe I should have posted this 3 days ago, on May 4th. But oh well. I watched Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan today. Take that Lucas!