Thursday, March 22, 2012

Here comes the rooster

3rd assignment for Ryan Wood's class: Depict an animal riding a vehicle. Make sure the animal has three different textures. Originally I was thinking about a stork, but couldn't really get into that. 

Another artist in the class was doing a goat, so I told her I would take some pictures of the goat I help care for. While I was there, I noticed all the chickens in the yard were following a new rooster that had just reached maturity.

It reminded me of the previous rooster, who had sacrificed himself to save some stray hens. A few years back, two chickens jumped into the neighbors yard, where two crazy dogs began to chase after them, trying to attack them. The rooster jumped right over the fence and defended them, but getting very injured in the process and later succumbing to his wounds. 

It was really admirable, so I decided to depict a rooster riding around like a boss. I tried taking photos of the current one, but he kept running away. So I just did a quick google search and found this beauty: