Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Visual Liberation

12 days ago, this happened:

I'm pretty blind without my glasses, and I'm just terrible when it comes to contacts; or anything that might come near my eyes. Problem with this situation:

    - I still have Advanced Figure Drawing with Perry, and we draw from live models.

Anyways, I went to class and setup per the norm. The model readied herself, and began the first pose. I looked up, and saw various different blurs of shape, colour and value. It was like a permanent squint.

I picked up my pencil and held it to the paper, when I had a sudden epiphany. Since I couldn't really see anything, I wasn't under any pressure to render any details. I couldn't see what I was in front of me, so I decided to just dive in and let my hand do whatever it wanted.

Drawing became fun again for me haha

After the class was over, I decided to keep going with a sketchbook page. It still was a fun experience to just go at it with poor eyesight. 

Of course...these looked a lot better before my replacement glasses arrived :p