Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Coconut portrait

Never posted stuff from before, so here's some stuff from before

 This one was a self portrait assignment from Ryan Wood, the instructions were to only show the eyes and a funny hat. Obviously, I took some liberty with it, but this is what I came up with. To all my island kine people seeing this...yeah.

 Started out with random ideas, I knew I wanted some sort of Ikaika Warrior type theme, or a TV. This is kind of what that is (old sketch):

Anyways, decided on the coconut and started the sloppy block in with the Dry Bristle Acrylic brush

Had to fix the positioning of the eyes etc and then started the blending with the default Grainy Water Blender. Also, yeah that's me with milk mixed with flour poured all over my head. 

I didn't have the best lighting, not that I have a great deal of colours to choose from anyways, but I decided to play up the cools

Don Seegmiller's lessons on how to render water droplets and the like will forever stay with me...forever

Finishing up the stuff, loose ends, and trying to beat the deadline and voila, Coconut Portrait

Here's some theme music, from the great Don Ho