Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The last assignment for Ryan Wood's excellent Digital Painting class. Instructions: Favourite album for a band that doesn't exist.

I'm one of those people that say when asked: I like all kinds of music.

But it's true, I find any well composed or interesting piece of music enjoyable, much to my wife's dismay. Anyways, that has little to do with this stuff, only that I like music. Mine is based on an 80's pop band

This draws influence from many sources that I like, viz; NiGHTS into Dreams, Ecco the Dolphin (CD), Prince and the Revolution, Never Ending Story, any and all 80's goodness.

Anyways, less time for this one, pretty straight forward. After some initial ideas, decided to change the dolphin (Ecco) into an Orca

Googled Killer Whale and got this

Looked up some quick water reference too

In the end, made some adjustments that Ryan Wood suggested, and it's back to the top version