Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thirteen going on Thirty something

Hey look what I found, another work from when I was 13! Looks like those problems with proper anatomy started way back. I remember this was an art assignment for Mrs. Tweeter in junior high; "What would you look like as an Egyptian Pharaoh?" Also if you can see at the top a redrawing of Todd McFarlane's take on Spider-man and his then newest character, Venom!

 I still have this comic, in fact this is a fresh scan that I did not 2 minutes ago!

 I found yet another piece of work from around that time, this one an ode to Ryu from the amazing looking (at the time) intro to Super Street Fighter 2. This was back when they refused to move on to the sacred number 3. 

Muscles Ryu. He even sports some different coloured threads because that blew my mind that you could do that with all the different buttons.