Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guest Artist: Adam Munoa

A buddy of mine from UVU, Adam Munoa, posed a quick offer to do a pic for each other's blog. His work is quite fantastic, and he has a definite good taste in all things

Here is his piece, I like to call it 'Locutus of Porg'

Adam actually came up with the Porg name haha

Mr. Munoa is a wonderful artist, and a good friend. He is proficient in drawing, painting and graphic design to name a few qualities. He is one of the many artists coming from the Illustration program at UVU, headed by Don Seegmiller and Perry Stewart

Darth Maul

Dark Knighted

All work displayed here is done by Adam Munoa. You can see more of his excellent work on his blog. Just be sure to skip the one that shows a lame picture of a green vegetable head thing with a worm coming out. Some wannabe artist did that one