Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Little Moana

Little Miss Muffet, island style.

Little Moana
Work went pau hana
Eating da poi so slicky

Big Crab wen come out
Cuz poi broke da mouf
Moana den go wikiwiki

I had fun doing this one, it's the first assignment for Will Terry's Children's Book Illustration

Wasn't sure where I wanted to go at the start, so I thumbnailed random stuff

At first I wanted to do something alien, but nothing was really standing out to me. Will suggested I keep looking, so I decided to try a different approach.

During the next class day, I was doodling possible ideas, when an island version hit me. So I presented that and he liked it.

From there I tried to figure out what Moana would look like, and the crab. (which btw, I decided to do since it's island style)

Sketch in Painter 12, which I ended up just colouring for the finished version. I also did some quick colour comps

So yeah, there you have it

Oh also, big thanks to my island kine cousins and friends for helping with da Pidgin Hawaiian style for story. (big props Joe Kauwe , Sawaii Chorou and Duane!) I should really keep up on my culture! Also to Adam Munoa, Alicia VanNoy Call and of course Will Terry for the very helpful input