Thursday, June 27, 2013

Don't be a Zombie

Don had his digital painting class do a submission for the Deviantart contest with the Truth campaign.

I was able to see the class come up with some wonderful ideas, and they began to show their expertise with their execution.


to name a few (can't find the others!!!!!)

I had originally intended to enter as well, but circumstances prevented me from working on anything, due to lack of time. (other commissions, LIFE)

Class ended last Thursday, June 20th, just in time to make any last minute changes for the June 23rd 11:59pm deadline.

Thursday night, I went with the Illustration club to a farm and I thought to myself, "Maybe I should try something. ANYTHING"

Friday night, I doodled this ugly thing on the computer:

Come to think of it, the middle girl kind of reminds me of the M-113 creature from Star Trek the original series...

I took some quick photo reference and did these rough on separate layers

 Then used a grainy water blender to soften up the edges, and kind of just put them together. It is now Saturday night. Due date is the next night!!!!

Added colours using the digital glaze technique; (new multiply layers + digital airbrush)

Began to render more with an opaque brush after flattening everything. It is now Sunday night. I asked Adam Munoa on Facebook at 19:02 hours how to paint smoke, to which he kindly responded

Tossed in some glow brush for the lights and submitted!!!!!111!!!111!!

Here it is on Deviantart