Sunday, July 28, 2013

Old Final Fantasy VII comic

I was doing some cleaning up in some of the older 'storage' rooms when I stumbled onto this comic I started when I was a teenager. The story behind it is I just wanted to send some fan art to a magazine I really liked, Diehard Gamefan. And the coloured piece was actually printed in this issue!

 Unfortunately, this is before I knew what a scanner was, so I only have a low quality copy of the last frame.

I totally wrote in my letter to them an explanation of what was going on. But they didn't read it :(

ANYWAYS, here it is (it's pretty bad)

*also when I first played this game, the Midgar Zolom in that little marshes place kept casting sleep on me. It was so annoying

I know what you might be thinking, "Hey that looks kind of like anime" Well we all have our phase :p

I also found this one in that room, which was done by me at age 11